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What is the size of the display for Riverdi IOT module?

The Riverdi IoT is available in the 5.0" size in three main options:

  • RiTFT-50-IOT-CAP (PN RVT50AQEFWC00) is a module with capacitive touch panel and the mounting frame, 
  • RiTFT-50-IOT-RES (PN RVT50AQEFWR00) is a module with resistive touch panel and the mounting frame, 
  • RiTFT-50-IOT-UX (PN RVT50UQENWC0x)  is a module with Ux Touch - capacitive touch panel with a decorative cover glass.
    The cover glass is available in white and black:
    • RiTFT-50-IOT-UXB (RVT50UQENWC01) - black cover glass, 0.5mm DST
    • RiTFT-50-IOT-UXW (RVT50UQENWC04) - white cover glass, 0.5mm DST
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